Property Investment 

Strategy Session

The initial consultation is used to gain an understanding of what your current situation is, and to determine what your short and long term goals are. 

We will discuss the dynamics of different property types, locations and general market info.  This session is all about preparation so we will also introduce you to other professional services you may need such as Mortgage Brokers, Accountants or Financial Planners.

Please free to come prepared with whatever questions you want answered. 
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Property Review

After the consultation we'll have a better understanding of your current position and goals.  With this in mind we will source property opportunities with the aim to achieve some or all of the following characteristics depending on the property and your personal strategy/goals:
  • Affordability to keep the investment passive
  • Maximise capital growth 
  • Create additional cashflow
  • Build a portfolio of diverse properties
Nobodies circumstances are exactly the same.  This is why we don't even show you property until the property review stage as by now we have a better understanding of the right fit for you.
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Often the hardest part of the property investment journey is having the courage to take action. Once you've got your team of professionals in place and you have reviewed your tailored property research you'll be able to invest with confidence. ​​​​​

Investing in property and watching your portfolio grow can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.  

Investors all over the country are taking the first step on their journey, so can you!

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Once your property is tenanted it's important that you continue to assess not only how that particular invesment is tracking, but also whether your overall strategy is on track.
We will meet with you periodically and offer a complimentary assessment including a property appraisal, portfolio review, rental assessment  and anything else that might be required.
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